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We're Hiring: Business Development Manager

About Us

Metro Writers is a boutique writing bureau based in Ho Chi Minh City. We produce biographies and commercial books in English for our private and celebrity/VIP clients written by native speaking writers, along with parallel editions written in Vietnamese.

We’re different—and certainly not like most businesses you’ll come across in today’s startup culture. Right in the midst of the digital age, we’re building a business based on the millennia-old technology of books. Our service is to write—not soulless SEO content that only robots love to read, but long stories about real people who want to share their lives with their readers.

Even in the digital world, books have a gravity and importance nothing else can compare with. By creating books, our talented team can craft priceless literary objects that offer our clients prestige, credibility and even a taste of immortality.

About the Role

If you love books, have a taste for the unusual, and possess a charming charismatic personality—and you want to work on high-profile projects with famous and amazing people—then you might be just the strange talent we’re looking for.

You’ll have to be a unique person to succeed in this role. You will need to understand the true value and long-lasting potential of our services, and have the energy to explain and persuade our VIP clients about everything we have to offer.

You'll need management skills too, because you will be coordinating with our clients' teams as well as ensuring our own team is on track to complete books on time. All along the way, you'll be meeting with influential business people, celebrities and artists as well as writers, translators and publishers, making sure everything runs smoothly. You’ll also need an understanding of what social media can—and can’t—do for our business.

Above all, you'll be taking a small boutique writing atelier and helping it achieve its broader ambitions, extending the range and type of services we offer and building our offering beyond the borders of Vietnam.


  • Establish client leads and coordinate with our editorial staff to prepare pitch letters with supporting materials.

  • Ensure minimum sales targets are met to sustain business operations.

  • Take responsibility for Vietnamese language communication with our partners and clientele.

  • Ensure our social media outreach is appropriate and effective with a clear purpose.

  • Translating between Vietnamese and English where needed.

  • Monitor business activity and liaise with legal and accounting partners to ensure all business activity is compliant.

  • Basic project management, delegating responsibilities to editorial assistants and freelancers whenever the volume of work allows.

Location & Commitments

This is a results-oriented position that can be achieved by working from home with flexible hours. In-person meetings with colleagues and clients, including occasional dinner/after-work events will be essential from time to time. Occasional travel within Vietnam is likely (as is international travel for a particularly competent candidate).

Candidate Requirements

  • A confident, intelligent, well-organised and warm personality.

  • Experience in business development or project management.

  • Native Vietnamese with fluent English.

  • Previous experience in writing, interviewing, social media or the publishing industry is an advantage.

  • Flexible, committed, dedicated.

Contact Us to Apply

If you’d like to apply for this role, please contact with details of your experience and availability.

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