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7 Reasons Why You Need a Book

There’s nothing more prestigious for an elite in any industry or professional field than to have a book written about them.

1. All of the biggest and most influential people have their own book written about themselves, their product or service, or both! This is something you can easily distribute at events that will immediately increase awareness. It gives you a strong competitive edge and establishes you as the authority in your area of business.

2. Releasing a book is the best way to establish your brand. Adverts and articles are short-lived and forgettable. A book is timeless and highly memorable. Brand building in the West is based around a solid narrative, not a product. Telling a story connected with your brand—especially a strong human story—makes your customers care about your business like nothing else can.

3. A book is the best way to build the reputation of a brand ambassador. It can establish public trust with your company representative while allowing for long-form information about the company’s products and development to be shared in a memorable way.

4. A book is a legacy piece—it tells your story, one that will live on forever, and you can control how you want your story to be told. It is your chance to set your memories and experiences into their place in history.

5. A book is a great way to reach new markets and audiences. Westerners are voracious book readers, with nearly US$26 billion in annual sales in America and over $8 billion annually in the UK alone—and these figures are increasing every year.

6. Speaking of revenue, with the right investment in a marketing strategy, you could see not only worldwide acclaim from a well-crafted book that raises your profile, but you could see an amazing ROI as well. But the amount of money you make in book sales will be far exceeded by the money you make from the opportunities your book brings to you and your business.

7. Finally, a book is more cost-efficient than a traditional marketing campaign using TVCs and print advertising, and has a more lasting impact than short-term digital campaigns.

To learn how your book idea can be developed into your own successful publication, contact Metro Writers today to schedule a conversation about your concept.

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